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Sharon Smalls


About Sharon:

Sharon Smalls Walton grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut and now resides with her husband (Craig) in an area of Bridgeport, Connecticut called Black Rock.  She splits her time between being an HR professional and a visual mixed media artist . She says, “Funny because as a child my parents did not know how to cultivate my creative side but I began a journey to discover and learn as an adult.”  She considers herself more self-taught than professionally trained when it comes to her art.  She believes she’s a true example that it is never too late to start something new and live the life you dream.  Sharon has a background in making jewelry, crochet, photography, and she received an Associates in graphic design at age 30.  Mixed media has been her love for the last several years.

About My Art:

My art is a casual yet profound expression of faith, positivity, and zest for life.  Guided by the belief that I am a vessel of divine creativity.  I embrace imperfections as the unique brushstrokes make my art imperfectly perfect.  With a love for texture and color, each creation becomes a vibrant work of joy and gratitude.  Through my art, I seek to inspire others, offering a visual reminder of the inherent beauty that surrounds us.

Contact Information
T : 203-952-8408

Norwalk Art Space – Norwalk Connecticut

Artist Talk – Norwalk Art Space 

FergusonLibrary – Stamford Connecticut

Nest Arts Factory – Bridgeport Connecticut

Artist’s Work
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